AtlasX Announces the Launch of AI for Commercial Real Estate

John Ledger

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AtlasX announces the release of its first-ever artificial-intelligence platform for real estate deal management from the company’s headquarters in New York, New York. In the largest product update to date from AtlasX, this highly anticipated launch stands to help the commercial real estate industry (CRE) alleviate core inefficiencies that stifle investor workflows. AtlasX AI for commercial real estate replaces the time-consuming cut-and-paste workflow that dominates the CRE industry. While existing AtlasX customers have already been taking advantage of the company’s intensive pipeline software to gain real-time insights into their deals, the launch of AtlasX AI ushers in the ability to automate more manual workflows while building deeper insights that cover more aspects of each deal.

Why did AtlasX Build the First AI for Deal Management?

The commercial real estate industry has been suffering from a technology problem dressed up as a “time” problem that keeps it lagging behind other industries. Most CRE firms are still managing each deal pipeline the same way they did in 2003. Processing new deal flow takes four to six hours per week per originator. Up until the launch of AtlasX AI Real Estate, there was no alternative to manual processing. While some firms tried to shoehorn their data entry into offshore data entry services, no fully automated solution existed specifically to serve the real estate industry, resulting in incorrect data and extremely slow turnaround times.

AtlasX AI was created in recognition of the fact that the real estate industry is a data-driven industry. Good data is what makes firms and originators competitive. However, data is only as good as a firm’s ability to interpret, share, and use it. AtlasX AI doesn’t just represent a revolution in the way that data is captured, it also breaks new ground in how data can be used for cultivating core insights that allow real estate firms to make better decisions faster. Using AtlasX AI, real estate investors can now:

  • Automate the ingestion of broker email blasts for new investment sales opportunities by auto-cataloging deals into the pipeline.
  • Upload teasers and offer memorandums to intelligently analyze for insights connected to rents, expenses, and other performance metrics using instantaneous data extraction.
  • Build a self-updating labyrinth of proprietary insights and operating metrics to benchmark active acquisitions or owned assets.

How Will AtlasX AI for Commercial Real Estate Help Investment Managers?

AtlasX AI’s core purpose is to reduce the time spent on organizing, nurturing, and completing deals. Firms lose millions each year due to time spent on tasks that don’t directly foster deal origination fees and related revenues. What’s more, the common practice of using Excel spreadsheets to enter and store data means that most pieces of data exist as “islands” that don’t interact without manual intervention. The result is that data doesn’t “speak” to create real-time insights that can help investors to extract the most value possible from each deal.

AtlasX AI’s streamlining aspect is enough to help CRE firms and agents see noticeable impacts in their bottom lines by giving them the competitive advantage of AI-driven technology for managing data. AI enriches data beyond anything manual human data entry can achieve because it processes hundreds of data points in minutes. That means better results without the need to organize a massive effort for data organization and utilization. AI edges out the manual processing because it generates insights in real-time from emerging data points that are relevant to the current state of the deal. Here’s what else it means for investment managers:

  • Faster Deal Management: AtlasX AI reduces the time it takes to enter deals into the pipeline. Originators get back hundreds of hours per month to focus on business-growing tasks instead of maintenance tasks. Firms have more time for realigning focus on valuable activities tied to underwriting, sourcing deals, and more.
  • The End of Easily Avoidable Data-Entry Mistakes: AtlasX AI reduces the inevitable mistakes that go along with manually entering and processing data. These mistakes don’t just create sloppy insights. They can also disrupt a system because they can alter data to create faulty insights. What’s more, minor mistakes can be difficult to trace. This means that they often linger in systems.
  • Simplified Workflows: AtlasX AI centers multiple workflows into a single workflow the same way that a roaring river integrates the streams that feed into it. You’re getting continuous integration of information into the larger pipeline for auto-generated insights that take into account the whole moving picture.

How Can You Get Started With AtlasX AI?

The launch of AtlasX AI for commercial real estate means that users can officially begin integrating this first-of-its-kind AI software into their internal workflows. Integration is easy. AtlasX AI is here to ensure that your adoption of our newest AI software goes seamlessly. If you’re an existing AtlasX customer, simply reach out to either or your Customer Success Manager to get details on how to proceed with your upgrade. If you’re not an AtlasX customer, it’s time to schedule your demo to learn how AtlasX can help your team gain a competitive advantage in the CRE world.

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