Centralized ecosystem to enable easy collaboration and sharing of deals

Automated reporting to key stakeholders to summarize enterprise-wide and strategy specific updates

Standardized workflows and templates to ensure consistent messaging across the firm


As Greystar’s acquisition pipeline scaled to match their AUM growth, they found themselves ensnared in a complex web of siloed and static documents that severely impeded their ability to collaborate effectively. While the size and complexity of deals escalated, information only became more fragmented, making swift and coordinated action more challenging. 

The process of generating reports was laborious and manual, consuming a substantial amount of time for junior members of the team. Consistently relying on the repeated process of manual report generation detracted from time allocated to underwriting new deals, slowing down the process of moving existing deals forward. Senior stakeholders also faced uncertainty as they had less clear and less frequent visibility into the high-level view of the organization.

Cracks within deal making began to form as pipeline metrics became inconsistent and processes became disjointed across teams. These challenges decelerated the speed deals could be acted up and created a hurdle when leveraging previous deals. 

Suffered from: 

  • Siloed and static documents making it difficult for team to collaborate across major deal sizes
  • Manual report generation causing substantial suck of junior team member time and low visibility from senior stakeholders into firm-wide performance
  • Inconsistent tracking of pipeline metrics and deal next-steps, slowing down process to act on deals 


AtlasX addressed each of these core challenges, allowing Greystar to better collaborate across the company, increase visibility into active and dead deals, and streamline the process to do deals. 

AtlasX enabled Greystar to reduce data silos through a collaborative pipeline with the ability to share deals across teams, individuals, or geographies. Teams have the ability to centralize work on a deal or portfolio basis, tracking key documents or next steps in the same workspace. This took the deal-making process from a series of fragmented Word and Excel documents to a centralized, single source of truth. 

With reporting challenges, AtlasX provides a robust point and click interface to generate reports. Greystar was able to automatically generate reports and send them to a standardized list of key stakeholders, ensuring that both senior and junior members of the team are consistently aware of the most up-to-date details surrounding the pipeline. Along with this, Greystar was able to create reports on passed deals to leverage their institutional memory of the market and have an internal data set for comps tracking. 

The platform also allows Greystar to track their goals per fund, sourcing metrics on a regional basis, and report historical gross asset values. This allows them to benchmark their goals against actual progress with deals across different stages. This is especially useful during investment committee meetings where reports are used to live-update the status of important deals. 

AtlasX addressed issues stemming from consistency by providing an easy navigator to create deal templates, enabling Greystar to track the most important fields across their diverse acquisitions team. Along with this, task templates and key dates were standardized, automatically assigning next steps to specific individuals or roles, ensuring that next steps were never missed. 


By adopting AtlasX, Greystar has been able to further scale their already robust acquisitions pipeline and save employees an average of 8 hours per week. By automating core manual tasks and standardizing processes, this has created an environment in which team members can focus on the highest value work of finding and analyzing deals. 

With easier access to their acquisitions data, Greystar has a more accurate view into the health and progress of the market, ensuring that IC decision making can have greater confidence with strong usage of proprietary data. In turn, their acquisitions data also enables them to track deployment of funds and understand internal performance against their objectives. 

By standardizing and automating their processes, Greystar is able to be more efficient in the process of doing deals. Team collaboration is no longer reduced by geography or physical office location as team members are able to leverage AtlasX to navigate the complex process of sharing knowledge. In turn, this has reduced the time and manpower it takes to complete a deal. 

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